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Blind rivet nuts & bolts

Blind rivet nuts and blind rivet bolts have a double function:

  1. They provide thread into thin sheet material; rivet nuts provide an internal thread, bolts an external thread
  2. At the same time they can also function as a blind fastener to join two materials together

Advantages of blind rivet nuts and blind rivet bolts are the following:

  • They can be easily set in thin material or in cylinders. The time consuming tapping of a thread or welding of a nut is not required
  • Blind rivet nuts have the same properties as a tapped thread in full material. This is because of their strong 'flush flange' and their extended thread compared to normal inserts
  • They can be set from one side, where the rear of the material and the inside of the material are inaccessible
  • The material will not be damaged
  • They will not deform or cause discoloration to the material

Working method blind rivet nuts

  1. The rivet nut is screwed onto the mandrel of the tool and is then inserted into the predrilled hole in the workpiece.
  2. By operating the tool, the rivet nuts is pulled backwards and deforms outwards, and is fastened in the hole. In case of fastening two materials, the rivet nuts joins the materials together.
  3. Now an internal thread is set into the material.

The working method for blind rivet bolts is similar, only the rivet bolt is screwed into the tool and what remains is an external thread.

Diversity in types

Blind rivet nuts are available in aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Especially applications of stainless steel are growing, and therefore we have recently developed a wide programme of coldformed stainless steel rivet nuts. They offer a high quality at a competitive price.
Blind rivet nuts are available with different head types: cylindrical, countersunk, reduced countersunk. And with a hexagonal shaft, to prevent them from turning.


  • automotive: rear mirrors, spoilers, dashboard, hinges, caravans, repairs
  • building industry: elevators, kitchens, swimming pools, bridges
  • air-conditioning
  • ventilation systems
  • shipbuilding industry
  • (domestic) appliances
  • furniture
  • window-frames
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