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Rubnuts are elastic rivetĀ nutsĀ from E.P.D.M., with a brass nut-insert. They are not placed with the usual tools for blind inserts, but with a simple screwdriver. Rubnuts offer various advantages:

  1. They can be used if the material is only from one side accessible
  2. They can be set with common tools (screwdriver)
  3. Suitable for thin as well as thick plates, pipes, glass and plywood
  4. Watertight connection
  5. No electric conduction
  6. It is not a permanent connection, it can be dismantled

View catalogue for dimensions and specifications.


  • They can be used as a blind fastener
  • They can function as a vibration damper

Concrete applications

  • Housing of ventilators and fans, dish washers, refrigerators etc.
  • Fixing for print covers
  • Head lights for cars
  • Sirens and horns
  • Electronic sensors
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